How to Stop Using and Abusing Drugs and Alcohol

How to Stop Using and Abusing Drugs and Alcohol

By Jennifer McDougall

If you’re someone who is heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol you may feel hopeless and lost in life. The good news is there is hope for achieving complete sobriety and breaking free from addiction so you can finally live a clean and stable life you can feel proud of. How do you this?

That’s where Passages Addiction Treatment Centers come in.

We are a non-12-step addiction treatment center that has helped thousands of people from all over the world discover and heal their underlying conditions causing them to use and abuse drugs and alcohol. Where do you play into this? This is the beginning of a beautiful journey you’re about to embark on. Your future is waiting for you to make this change. Before you do though allow us to walk you through what you can expect during treatment at Passages. Please note that most insurance does help cover treatment with us.

Our luxurious treatment center in the exclusive city of Malibu, California provides you with the following:

  • Individual therapy – (private, 1-on-1 therapy, rather than group meetings)
  • 24-hour nursing staff – (licensed nurses to oversee your needs)
  • A treatment team including addiction experts and therapists – (4:1 client to staff ratio and personalized therapy)
  • We give you the freedom to use cell phones and laptops – (remain connected to family and business during your stay at Passages)
  • 22 different types of holistic methods – (customized to meet your individual needs, taking into consideration the specific aspects of your addiction)

Our unparalleled luxury rehab center also features top of the line facilities and amenities. During your stay at Passages Malibu, you will have special access to:

  • 5 beautiful and elegant estates, each with spectacular ocean views
  • 10 acres of pure Malibu paradise
  • 1 Full sized tennis court and basketball hoop
  • Full gym with your very own experienced personal trainer
  • Exclusive and comfortable serene detox unit perched over the magnificent Pacific Ocean
  • 2 heated swimming pools and 2 Jacuzzi where you can relax after an eventful day

Passages Addiction Treatment Centers

How to Get Sober and Stop Using Drugs Today

When you’re ready to get sober and stop drinking and using drugs, there’s a lot of wonderful things that begin to happen and you will experience these good fortunes as you stay dedicated to living a sober life. Many people use drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms to help ease their physical or emotional pain.

Unlike other rehab centers, we don’t believe that addiction is a disease. Our research shows that people become dependent on drugs and alcohol because of one of these four causes:

  1. A chemical imbalance
  2. Events of the past you have not reconciled
  3. Current conditions you can’t cope with
  4. Things you believe that aren’t true

Our goal is to find out what’s driving you to use drugs or alcohol. Once we locate the cause of your addiction, we will begin the work to heal it. Our entire program revolves around accomplishing this goal using an advanced one-on-one approach to therapy.


How to Contact Passages Malibu

Call Passages Addiction Treatment Centers today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Passages, Where Addiction Ends and Life Begins™

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