Where Can I Go to Get Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

By Jennifer McDougall

Are you searching the web looking for answers? Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed with the options for treatment? Look no further than Passages Addiction Treatment Centers. At Passages, we focus on helping you discover and heal the underlying conditions causing you to use and abuse drugs and alcohol.

Most rehab facilities out there focus on the out dated and traditional form of treating addiction, which is to go to meetings; proclaim you are an addict or alcoholic then go through the 12-Step process, commonly known as Alcoholics Anonymous.

What Makes Passages Different?

We do not believe that drug and alcohol dependency is a disease. Instead, we believe it is the result of one or more of the following four causes:

  1. Chemical imbalance
  2. Unresolved events from the past
  3. Beliefs you hold that are inconsistent with what is true
  4. Inability to cope with current conditions

Since 2001, Passages has changed the way addiction is looked at and treated. With our many non-12-Step holistic methods you will soon find that a 30 to 90-day program is exactly what you need to get sober. We give you the tools to help you regain your mental, physical, and spiritual strength so you can get back into the world with a clarity, purpose, and a true sense of self-worth. Our professional team of therapists and staff members will help guide you on discovering your most authentic self. We want you to succeed in life, but before doing so you must get to the core root of what is causing you to use and abuse drugs and alcohol.

We understand this is a difficult battle you are facing, but that is why we are here.

Call Passages Addiction Treatment Centers today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Passages, Where Addiction Ends and Life Begins™

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