10 Sober Things to Do at Night

10 Sober Things to Do at Night

By Jennifer McDougall

It is possible to have nightlife still even though you are sober. However, when the sun goes down and the night sky begins to settle in, you may wonder, what in the world could you possibly do now that you’re clean and sober?

We have ten ideas right here for you to help bring some excitement to your sober nightlife.

1. Bowling

You may find that you are a terrific bowler without drugs and alcohol messing up your game.

 2. Coffee & dessert with friends

Did someone say cheesecake and a latte under the stars? Count me in!

 3. Throw a dinner party

Invite your closest sober friends over for a fun-filled night of food, games, and music at your house.

 4. Live music

Check www.livenation.com to see the upcoming events and live shows coming to a venue near you, and invite some of your sober friends to join you.

 5. Movie night

Either go out to see a movie or enjoy a night in with your friends and family or that special someone in your life.

 6. Meetup.com

This website provides a great way to help you connect with people in your area who share your interests. There are also several (non-12-Step) sober groups and activities you can join.

 7. Take dance lessons

Get your groove on at a local dance studio! Drag one of your friends or romantic partner to join you.

 8. Attend a fitness class

Most gyms hold courses in the evening, so check their schedule and pick a style that best interests you, and GO! Grab a smoothie with a pal after class.

 9. Play a game of cards with friends

Put a stack of cards in front of me, and I will have you locked into a game of Swedish Rummy in no time. There are so many fun card games you can play with your sober friends, and hey, you might even win a few games thanks to a toxic-free mind that is no longer polluted with drugs and alcohol!

 10. Miniature golf

Remember how much fun you had playing miniature golf as a kid? You can relive those fun times by getting a couple of your sober buddies together and putt-putting the night away.

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