How to Make the Most Out of Addiction Rehab

Attending an addiction rehab program and getting the most out of your treatment really depends on your level of willingness to change and personal commitment. Successful outcomes of attending an inpatient drug or alcohol rehab center often depend upon the person’s openness to learn and the length of stay.  Unfortunately, the first few days of treatment can be very difficult for some people, especially those detoxing, and this is a time when many people decide to leave treatment prematurely.

In order for individuals to stay long enough to gain the full benefits of treatment, there are many critical strategies for staying in the program and not leaving early on. For an individual in treatment to experience both engagement and retention, they must have a definite motivation to change drug-using behavior.

Within the drug or alcohol treatment program, successful staff members and therapists should be able to establish a positive, therapeutic relationship with the client, and be able to get them through the rough initial first days where many people leave prematurely. The staff members should ensure that a solid treatment plan is established and followed so that the individual knows what to expect during treatment.

Our staff members are trained and experienced with helping our clients make the most out of their stay with us.  We help ease our clients through the initial first difficult phases of treatment, and we also ensure a transition to continuing care following the patient’s completion of formal in-house treatment.

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Photo credit: Jennifer McDougall

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