What to Know About Denial and Substance Abuse

Many people often hear the term “denial” or the phrase “being in denial” when discussing an individual with a substance abuse issue. Unfortunately, many individuals who have been abusing drugs or alcohol for an extended time get very good at hiding and covering up their actions and have a hard time admitting to themselves or their families the true extent of their usage.

In a recent study conducted by the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, millions of Americans admitted to habitually smoking pot, drinking alcohol, snorting cocaine, or taking prescription drugs. Yet, many of them were not completely honest about their level of use, and many of them who met the criteria for needing treatment did not recognize that they had a problem. The study estimates that those “in denial” of an issue are close to 5 million, which is much higher than those seeking and receiving professional treatment. 

It seems as though there is a large and growing denial gap when it comes to drug abuse and dependency in our society.  Drug and alcohol abuse is often glorified and readily accepted in the media, adding to the nation’s significant issue with denial.  At Passages, we help our clients come to terms with and be honest about their behaviors and help them get back to healthy, drug-free lives.

Non-12-Step Addiction Rehab at Passages

Passages Malibu is an alternative to traditional rehab that provides a holistic, client-centered approach to addiction treatment. Find lasting healing through our model of care and experiential therapies. You will uncover the root causes of your addiction, and we will provide you with tools for lifelong sobriety and change. We can help you turn your life around and find hope again. Call 888–438–0596 today for more information.


What to Know About Denial and Substance Abuse

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