Healing the Body Through Holistic Addiction Treatment

During alcohol and drug dependency, the body undergoes a series of chemical changes that fuel addiction and create physical damage. When dependent individuals seek treatment, the physical healing process can begin. Holistic addiction treatment centers take a round view of recovery, allowing your body and brain to return to a state of natural harmony and balance, known as homeostasis.

Healing the Body Through Holistic Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction are by nature complex issues—and natural ones that require comprehensive treatment. For years, studies have shown that augmenting addiction treatment programs with holistic approaches can significantly increase success rates and reduce the odds of relapse. One Yale University study even showed that adding a single holistic therapy to traditional addiction treatment programs can triple the chances of recovery.

The whole individual is assessed and treated in holistic addiction treatment approaches—mind, body, and spirit. Healing of the body takes on a more significant impact as diagnostic tests are performed to uncover underlying chemical imbalances that may have led to drug or alcohol use in the first place. Addiction and alcoholism are seen as mere symptoms of repressed trauma, negative self-beliefs, or physical issues that need to be treated. Because holistic addiction treatment centers tend to favor natural remedies over unnecessary prescriptions, root causes can be resolved for more excellent health and well-being rather than medicated away.

Healing, Alternative Therapies at Holistic Addiction Treatment Centers

Physical healing in holistic recovery programs includes a variety of medical and alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and meditation. Healing the body through holistic addiction treatment often involves nutritional and exercise programs to leverage the body’s natural ability to heal. Many formerly dependent individuals experience vitamin and nutritional deficiencies as a result of their drug or alcohol use. For this reason, nutritional and herbal supplements are also incorporated into holistic alcohol, and drug addiction treatment plans to promote long-term health and healing.


Healing the Body Through Holistic Addiction Treatment
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