Staying Sober at Social Gatherings

A very common struggle that newly sober people face is what to do at a social gathering where most other people in attendance are drinking. Whether it is birthday parties, holiday gatherings, or office get-togethers, these events are hard to avoid but they do not have to be difficult or uncomfortable. There are many strategies you can adapt to make these situations as easy as possible when you are newly sober. One option is to bring along a friend who is also not planning on drinking and can serve as a confidante.

Often times when people are used to drinking at social gatherings and then return to those same social gatherings newly sober, they begin to realize that their drinking friends are actually quite tiresome and obnoxious, and can often feel left out. This all depends on the type of party and company you are with of course; if you are with just with your family or close friends in a restaurant then obviously the situation won’t be so awkward, but at larger parties, bars and clubs with your old ‘drinking buddies,’ the new environment can take some getting used to. This is where a friend who is also not drinking and who is not bothered by staying sober is a great resource.

Another option is to come with an already established “out”-say you have other plans and can only stay for an hour, can’t stay past 10 pm, etc. The more time you are sober the more comfortable you will feel in these situations, and after a little practice, most newly sober individuals can handle these situations with ease.

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