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  • Family and Addiction

    Family members can enable drug use. Enabling means a family member allows drug use by helping the user with whatever they need and overindulging the user with love and affection. Although this…

  • Unlearning Bad Habits

    Because drug and alcohol use can be equated to learned behavior to deal with other problems, these behaviors can be unlearned. This supports the idea that there is an opportunity for dependent…

  • Marijuana Addiction and Treatment

    Cannabis (or more commonly known as marijuana, weed, or pot) is a very popular and prevalent drug in the United States. It is even legal for medicinal purposes in some states; however,…

  • Professionals in Addiction Rehab

    Executives and high-powered career professionals who find they needing drug rehab often have specific needs, requirements and concerns.  Professionals in demanding career positions tend to be high-functioning, and often have been maintaining…

  • Treatment Team Approach at Passages Malibu

    We are the world’s most innovative and effective residential drug and alcohol treatment program, partly due to our treatment teach approach.  Unlike other treatment centers, Passages is not 12-step based and rather focuses…

  • Individualized Psychotherapy

    We believe addiction is caused by various underlying and unresolved issues. Dependent individuals typically use drugs and/or alcohol as part of a coping mechanism to deal with past and/or present trauma and pain. At many 12-step rehab programs,…

  • Animal-Assisted Therapy and Addiction

    Animal-assisted therapy (particularly Equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) and canine therapy) is one of the most effective forms of experiential therapy available and has proven to be fun, nurturing, and very therapeutically beneficial…

  • Ecstasy Addiction

    Ecstasy use has increased in recent years and is considered a fairly new street drug; however, the consequences of ecstasy abuse are very severe.  Deaths from ecstasy can occur due to overdose,…

  • Benefits of Inpatient Rehab Centers

    There are numerous benefits of attending an inpatient drug rehab program.  Alcohol and drug addiction wreaks havoc on the body, causing  vitamin deficiency, extreme fatigue and an inability to focus or remember…

  • How to Prevent a Relapse

    Many individuals who have sought drug and alcohol treatment, done the work, and made the change then are often left wondering how to maintain it. How can you recognize when a relapse…

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