What Does it Mean to be a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

Many of us have heard of and used the term “high-functioning alcoholic” from time to time. But, what is considered a high-functioning alcoholic? The term can be loosely defined, but most of the time, a high-functioning alcoholic is a person that drinks heavily and constantly regularly, yet most people in the life of the drinker are not aware that there is a problem.

Highly functioning alcoholics typically do not let their alcoholism interfere with their ability to carry on normal daily activities, perform adequately at their jobs, remain free from legal and financial troubles, and maintain interpersonal relationships. However, because they can keep an air of normalcy while drinking with no visible effects, they often take more significant risks than many people, such as drinking on the job, drinking around their children, or driving under the influence.

Although high functioning alcoholics can maintain normalcy to some degree, most often, the people in their life closest to them are affected by their drinking, especially their children.  An alcoholic or multiple alcoholics in a family can have highly detrimental effects on the overall family life.  When a child grows up with a high-functioning alcoholic parent, alcohol abuse becomes commonplace to them. 

Heavy high-functioning alcoholics also often face economic strains due to their drinking; alcohol is expensive. Often, heavy drinkers are unaware of how much money they spend on alcohol. High-functioning alcoholics are at significant risk of potentially fatal health consequences, including cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes, heart disease, gout, high blood pressure, and other severe conditions.  If you or someone you know is a high-functioning alcoholic, Passages can help.

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What to Know High-Functioning Alcoholics
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