Finding a New Career After Rehab

If you are recently out of rehab or newly sober, re-entering the workforce can be refreshing and a steady, grounding return to normalcy.  However, it can present certain stressors or challenges.  Maintaining a steady job can be a very positive thing, and it can influence the long-term success of your recovery by giving your life structure and a higher purpose, and by occupying your time with truly productive and rewarding activities.

If you have been out of the work force for awhile due to addiction or being in recovery, it can be difficult to find a job or transition back into work. If it takes awhile to get hired at a new place, do not take it personally or interpret it as a consequence of your addiction.  Understandably, you may be worried that potential employers may discriminate against you due to your history of substance abuse.  This is very rarely the case.  You are now sober, whole, and should be very proud of that; your past does not have to limit you or make you self-conscious.  If you are feeling stressed about getting back into the workforce after attaining sobriety, talk to your therapist, use your skills to cope with stress, such as yoga or meditation, and most importantly, be positive.  At Passages Malibu, our continuing care coordinators devote their time to helping your transition back into the real world and the work force post-treatment.

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