The Impact of Alcohol Advertising and Alcohol in the Media

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to avoid seeing alcohol consumption in advertisements, on television, in movies, or in magazines.  Alcohol is one of the primary things advertisers pay for in the United States.  Many people wonder, how does the constant presence of alcohol in pop culture affect children and young people?  According to a study conducted by the University of Connecticut, young adults who viewed more alcohol advertisements than average also reported drinking more alcohol than average. In essence, young people who view more alcohol advertisements and are exposed to alcohol more in television and movies tend to drink more alcohol.  The alcohol industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and information from various alcohol companies showed that with the amount of advertising dollars spent in each state and total alcohol sold in each state, they could analyze youth drinking in relation to dollars spent.  Alcohol advertising is inarguably a contributing factor to youth drinking quantities over time.  Through early childhood education regarding alcohol and its negative effects, the influence of advertising and alcohol in pop culture may make less of an effect on our nation’s youth.

Image via We Heart It

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