Amenities Common to Luxury Alcohol Rehab Facilities

The holistic approach found at luxury alcohol rehab facilities such as Passages encourages healing of the whole body. Many of the amenities common to luxury alcohol rehab facilities serve to encourage recovery and complete healing. These experiences help people reconnect with their true nature and ultimately promote lasting sobriety.

Some Amenities Common to Luxury Alcohol Rehab Facilities

While each rehab program is different, here are some of the amenities common to luxury alcohol rehab facilities.

  • Individualized Counseling
    Individualized therapy sessions are one of the most important amenities common to luxury alcohol rehab facilities. Sadly, most inpatient alcohol rehab facilities do not have the capacity to provide intensive hours of private alcohol counseling. The emotional and mental factors that create the drive to use alcohol are often exceedingly private, and difficult to share in a group setting. Additionally, the walls of self-preservation grow thick over the course of alcohol abuse, requiring individualized attention and care by therapists in order to break through deeply ingrained patterns of denial.
  • Somatic Healing
    While many alcohol programs focus only on talking, reading and reflecting, luxury alcohol rehab facilities take into account the overall health of the body by providing bodywork services such as massage, acupuncture and acupressure. Regular use of these techniques during the alcohol recovery process helps reduce stress, eliminate pain and release toxins trapped in the body. Relieving tension and removing harmful toxins allows the body to better function and helps the individual return to a state of homeostasis to maintain sobriety.
  • Fitness Coaching
    During alcohol abuse, we often neglect ourselves and feel disconnected from our bodies. One amenity common to luxury alcohol rehab facilities is physical fitness coaching. Certified fitness instructors can find the level and type of activity that suits each individual. For some that might include a weight training regime, while others might gravitate towards yoga or Pilates training, hiking, tennis or biking. Luxury alcohol rehab facilities will help you find the correct balance of activities to meet your fitness goals and strengthen your body.
  • Gourmet Cuisine
    For many, food became either an indulgence or occasional fuel during alcohol addiction. By providing delicious and healthy food, a luxury alcohol rehab facility helps your body heal by providing proper nutrition and helping to foster a healthy relationship with food. Gourmet chefs thoughtfully prepare meals for you to enjoy and savor, while taking your special dietary needs into consideration.
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