5 Tips to Staying Sober at Music Festivals

By Jennifer McDougall

Are you preparing for a Spring or Summer music festival, but want to stay sober? At Passages, we have these 5 helpful tips to keep you from straying the course in your sobriety and staying sober while at these heavily drug and alcohol infused music festivals.

How to Stay Sober at Music Festivals

1. Have a Plan

Before attending the upcoming music festival, we recommend you create an effective and reliable plan you can go by during your time at the festival so you feel at ease and are prepared for any triggers or temptations to use drugs and alcohol. Have this plan written down and accessible (in your notes on your phone). A couple ideas to include in your plan are:

  • What to say when someone offers you drugs or alcohol at the festival and how to end the peer pressure of persistence when they won’t let up and continue to tell you, “It will be fun, just have a little.” – Decline with a smile and confidence. Ask them to please respect that fact that you are not interested and would appreciate it if they do not ask you again as you are trying to maintain absolute sobriety. You could also mention how hard you have worked to get to this place in your life and would like to just enjoy the festival fully aware and sober.
  • These festivals can be dangerous for those who are trying to sober so be prepared to have to deal with a lot of intoxicated people and temptations to partake. Create a schedule for yourself so when you start the day you have a plan to wake up, meditate, have breakfast, check in with your sober friends back home, and maybe fit in a small workout (yoga) and stick to your initial goals you showed up with so you can stay focused.

2. Go with a Sober Friend

It’s going to be a lot easier and more fun for you to attend this music festival with a sober friend who has a similar lifestyle and outlook as you do. Stick together and keep each other in check throughout the week/weekend.

3. Camp Where Drugs and Alcohol Are Not Permitted (Family Section)

Many festivals have family sections which don’t allow any drugs or alcohol. This would be a great section to camp in. When booking your tickets and reservations, check to make sure your section is one where drugs and alcohol are not permitted.

4. Bring Plenty of Food and Water

It’s important you come with plenty of food and water during your time at the festival. Pack plenty of nutritional goodies so you don’t get dehydrated from the heat and long days.

5. Stay in Touch With Your Sober Community

While at the festival, stay in touch with your sober community back home to hold you accountable during your time away. They will help you stay focused on your sobriety and remind you of how important it is to stay on track without getting out of line during your time at the festival. This is going to help you a great deal because you need to surround yourself with those who support your sobriety and want to see you stay sober.

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