What Should You Pack for Residential Rehab?: A Helpful Guide to Planning Your Stay

When packing for your stay at residential addiction treatment centers, you’ll want to bring items that foster comfort and healing. Leave anything harmful—including drugs, alcohol, or weapons of any kind—behind, and focus on the things that will make you feel at home. While some luxury residential addiction treatment centers will allow you to maintain your relationships and lifestyle with cell phones and extras, you should double-check with your rehab facility if you have any questions, as some treatment centers are more rigid than others.

What to Pack for Your Stay at Residential Addiction Treatment Centers

We’ve compiled a suggested packing list below to help you prepare for your stay at your choice’s residential addiction treatment center.

  • Comfortable Clothing

    During your stay at residential addiction rehab centers, your recovery—and yourself—should be your top priority. Most residential treatment centers will have relaxed, casual atmospheres where you can heal your body and your heart and mind. Make sure you pack exercise clothing, jeans, or everyday wear to ensure mobility and promote relaxation.

  • Toiletries or Cosmetics

    Make sure to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, and any cosmetics you would like to use. Luxury residential addiction treatment centers will often offer amenities or help you acquire any toiletries you forget to bring so that you do not have to worry about the more minor details.

  • Health Information and Medications

    Bring your health insurance card and a copy of any health-related information you need so that your treatment’s medical and financial details can be taken care of in a streamlined manner. Also, bring along any prescribed medications. Your addiction treatment team will perform diagnostic testing and assessment upon arrival. Your medical staff will then help guide you in your prescription needs as you approach recovery.

  • Pajamas and Slippers

    Remember that sleep is an essential part of the body’s healing process. So bring comfy pajamas, slippers, and a bathrobe to help promote relaxed sleep. If you are light- or sound-sensitive, you may also consider bringing a sleeping mask or earplugs to ensure deep and uninterrupted rest.

  • Bathing Suit

    Luxury residential addiction treatment centers often offer spa services, saunas, jacuzzis, or swimming facilities that may require a bathing suit.

  • Journal and Books

    Bring a journal or notebook so that you can chronicle your thoughts and feelings during the recovery process. You may also want to bring books or magazines that you enjoy reading in your free time.

  • Personal Devices, Cell Phones, or Music Players

    Many residential addiction treatment centers frown on personal devices, such as iPods, cell phones, or PDAs. At Passages, we believe in maintaining your lifestyle by allowing you to stay in touch with loved ones and business contacts and nurture yourself with personal music selections.

  • Mementos

    Sometimes, when we face the road to recovery, the little reminders of home can make a big difference. Consider bringing a few mementos, such as framed photographs, a special knick-knack, or other minor decorations that may help make your stay more comfortable and inspiring.

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