Inspiring Audio Clips by Chris Prentiss, Co-Founder of Passages Malibu

Chris Prentiss co-founded Passages Malibu with his son Pax in 2001, after helping Pax address the underlying issues that were driving his addictive behavior.  Through Chris’ dedicated help, Pax was able to get to the root of his addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin and get back to living his life.

Chris’ metaphysics talks are the backbone of the Passages philosophy and offer a rare glimpse into the Passages addiction treatment experience.  Chris wrote and published several books on living well and self-empowerment including  Zen and the Art of Happiness and The Laws of Love.

We’ve taken the opportunity to share some of Chris’ insights and wisdom in the audio clips below.  Thank you for listening!  We hope you enjoy.

"The way to getting what you want it to concentrate on staying on your true path." by Passages Malibu
"You can have life the way you want it." by Passages Malibu
"I'm a perfect being in a perfect universe." by Passages Malibu
"You have been chosen by the universe to exist." by Passages Malibu
"You are on the way to becoming a master of the universe." by Passages Malibu
"Guess what? I would like you to be happy." by Passages Malibu
"Does anybody have a goal that is great than being happy?" by Passages Malibu

If you would like to hear more of Chris’ metaphysics talks, you can find them here.

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