Intake Questions Commonly Asked in Alcohol and Drug Recovery

As you begin your drug and alcohol recovery journey, the first step at most inpatient rehab centers is a professional assessment. Before treatment begins, medical and mental health professionals must better understand your physical and psychological state to make your recovery experience smoother and more effective. However, before any initial consultations occur, addiction professionals will stop to talk to you during the intake process. Taking up to an hour or two to fully complete, the intake process is your time to communicate any concerns and help the recovery center gain an accurate picture of your dependency issues, lifestyle, and background.

Intake Questions Commonly Asked in Alcohol and Drug Recovery

While many questions may be included in the intake process, specific topics tend to be frequently asked about. By familiarizing yourself with the questions beforehand, you can be sure to give the most complete and accurate answers to your intake professional. Here are just a few questions that you might want to think about before the intake process.

  • Why and when did you decide to seek alcohol or drug recovery treatment?
    Knowing what circumstances led you to treatment can help addiction professionals learn more about your drug and alcohol addiction. Additionally, where you are at in your psychological and physical healing can be important information for your recovery team.
  • When did you first begin drinking alcohol or using drugs?
    Questions about drug and alcohol use aim to understand the arc of your journey through dependency—not for any punitive reason. So answer these questions as honestly and accurately as you can.
  • What substances do you use? How much do you drink or use drugs?
    Just as a doctor wants to know the duration of your illness to prescribe the correct medicine, addiction professionals need to know what they’re dealing with. While it may be tempting to minimize your drug or alcohol usage, it’s unnecessary and may get in the way of your progress.
  • How has drug or alcohol dependency impacted your life?
    Many of us seek treatment because alcohol or drug addiction has negatively taken over our lives. Your recovery team can better serve you if they can help you overcome the addiction and the problems it’s created.
  • What is your medical and mental health history? Are you on any medications?
    Certain holistic or prescription medications may conflict with your chemical makeup. Therefore, to provide a healthy, safe, and efficient road to treatment, your recovery team needs to know your basic medical and psychological history.
  • What is your employment history?
    We often don’t notice how our careers contribute to our daily situations. Yet, questions about employment are usually asked to better understand your financial, work, and life stressors that may contribute to addiction.
  • What is your financial situation?
    Many recovery facilities have payment plans and other financing options if you have limited resources or can recommend facilities in your price range.
  • What is your family and home life like?
    Our interpersonal relationships and home environment help shape and define our outlooks and who we are. By disclosing information about your home life, you can better help addiction professionals understand your drug and alcohol addiction in the course of your life.
  • Have you been to addiction treatment before?
    Knowing what hasn’t worked for you can make successive treatments more effective. Be sure to disclose which methods of recovery you have tried and your experiences in rehab.

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