How Can You Tell If You’re Dependent on Marijuana

Marijuana dependency can often be difficult to detect. While no amount of marijuana use is truly healthy, not everyone who has tried marijuana ends up with a drug addiction. However, by assessing the role of marijuana in your lifestyle and health, you can gain a more accurate picture of whether or not your marijuana usage has become problematic, and whether or not you could benefit from a drug rehab program.

How Can You Tell If You’re Dependent on Marijuana?

Assessing marijuana dependency begins by asking yourself a few questions about your drug usage. If you find yourself answering “Yes” to any of the below questions, you may be marijuana dependent, and may want to schedule consultations with drug rehab facilities.

Usage Questions to Ask Yourself About Marijuana Use

  • Do you use marijuana every day?
  • Do you find yourself smoking pot even though the thrill is gone or it feels dissatisfying?
  • Do you ever find yourself getting high alone?
  • Have you tried to cut back your marijuana use and failed before?
  • Do you feel anxiety when your marijuana stash begins to run out?
  • Has your marijuana usage increased since you started smoking pot?

Emotional Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Marijuana Use

  • Do you have trouble imagining life without weed? Do you find yourself traveling with marijuana, or smoking out before work or important occasions?
  • Do you use marijuana when you are sad, depressed, stressed out or anxious?
  • Do you find yourself more depressed now than when you first started smoking marijuana?

Safety Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Marijuana Habits

  • Have you committed crimes or unkind actions you normally would not while high on marijuana?
  • Have you ever driven a vehicle, operated equipment, or taken care of child while high on marijuana?
  • Have you ever combined alcohol or other drugs with pot use in order to achieve a greater high?

Lifestyle Questions to Ask Yourself About Pot Use

  • Do most of your friends and associates smoke marijuana?
  • Have you noticed your concentration, attention span, memory recall, or academic or job performance suffering since you began using marijuana?
  • Have others in your life complained or voiced concern over the amount you use pot?
  • Do you find yourself wasting time at a rate that hurts your productivity because you use marijuana?
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