Are You Addicted to Food?

Food addiction is a condition that many people find difficult to understand.  Many people have unhealthy eating habits and difficulties with food, but it can be tricky to determine whether an individual merely struggles with eating, or whether they are a full blown food addict.  Food addiction is a pathological disorder characterized by the compulsive or excessive craving for and consumption of food.  Food addiction is only present when the intake of food itself is abnormal, and also when the cravings for foods are out of control and harmful to the individual.

Alcoholism and drug abuse are typically easier for the general population to understand.  However, individuals can be addicted to food in the same way that they are addicted to substances.  If you are concerned that you or someone you may know is a food addict, there are several things to look for.  When someone is addicted to food, they become physiologically and mentally dependent upon eating and feel a complete loss of control. If you know that you’re eating ritual is harmful, but continue to engage in the destructive behavior anyways, you may be addicted to food.  Many individuals with a food addiction also suffer from other mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, or substance abuse.  At Passages, we help our clients overcome food addiction with therapy, by modifying eating patterns and lifestyle, and with a manageable exercise program.

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