30 Fun Sober Activities

30 Fun Sober Activities

By Jennifer McDougall

Are you looking for something fun to do that doesn’t involve drinking or getting high? Instead of escaping from reality, dive in and enjoy just living life. Here are 30 fun activities you can to start living a fulfilling and exciting life.

1. Throw a Sober Dinner Party.

Invite your closest friends over for dinner and dessert. Substitute alcoholic beverages for delicious and refreshing fruit-infused cocktails. Pick a playlist with piano or classical tones to keep the vibe classy and elegant. (Check out Spotify’s already made playlists according to the mood or genre)

2. Rejuvenating Spa Day at home, solo or with friends.

Invite a few girlfriends over for herbal tea. Watch movies, and give each other manicure and pedicures. Don’t forget the face masques and hair conditioning treatments too!  This is a fun way to pamper yourself and help improve your appearance at the same time.

3. Guys Night Out/Girls Night Out

Plan a weekend to go camping, fishing, or to a sporting event in town.

4. Exercise

Run, box, do yoga, hot yoga, hike, swim, anything. Just get out there, stretch it out, and break a sweat!

5. Bubble baths are NOT just for women!

A nice, relaxing bath with soothing music is a great way for anyone to unwind and let go. To enhance your bath experience, light a few candles, add pure lavender oil and Epson salt to warm water. Dim the lights for an even more calming experience.

6. Play a game of golf or practice your swing at the driving range.

Golf is a great sport you can play solo. If you do not already have your own set of clubs and don’t know someone you can borrow them from, some ranges allow you to rent them to use for a small charge.

7. Go for a drive.

Take the back roads through your local community. Turn up the music and roll down the windows. Don’t look at your phone or let anything distract your mind from unwinding and focusing solely on the road and your own thoughts.

8. Meditate

Find a quiet place to sit or lay down for 10-20 minutes, close your eyes, and meditate.

9. Read a book.

Visit a local book store and walk around. Explore the many difference titles and subjects that maybe you wouldn’t normally explore.

10. Go see a movie.

Get out of the house and check out a new movie in the theater. Buy your tickets ahead of time, online to save time.

11. Volunteer your time and services.

Pick a cause that is near and dear to your heart (animal rescue, homeless shelters, etc.) and find time in your busy week to lend a hand.

12. Play basketball.

Most local parks and schools have basketball courts you are welcome to play on. Invite some friends out and play a game of 21 or practice your layups and free throws solo.

13. Go swimming.

Don’t hesitate to dive into the water and swim around.

14. Go for a walk and smile at every person you pass by.

Take a walk around the park, at the beach, the mall, or around your neighborhood.

15. Write in your journal.

When you can’t sleep, or you have a lot on your mind, sit down and write. Release your inner most thoughts and put them down on paper.

16. Create a new playlist for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Music is therapy within itself.

17. Plant a garden.

Connect with the earth and plant a garden. Men and women both use this as a relaxing hobby that not only helps relax the mind and boost creative abilities, it will make your landscaping look nice!

18. Organize and clean out your closet and donate at least ten items.

Sometimes we buy, buy, buy, without stopping to look at what we already have. Giving to others can feel very rewarding and we should all do it more often.

19. Call your parents or grandparents.

If it was not for our parents and grandparents we would not be here so whether or not you have a great relationship with them, call them. They love you and want to hear from you.

20. Meet a friend for lunch and sit outside.

Lunch dates with a good friend are a luxury. Most restaurants offer outdoor seating, so if it’s available, sit outside.

21. Go on a hike

Don’t forget a backpack with water, cell phone, snacks, and a camera!

22. Visit a museum.

Learn more about the history and art at local museums.

23. Invite a friend to play tennis with you.

Tennis is a fun activity you can do outside with a friend and break a sweat.

24. Stress relieving coloring books

Coloring books are no longer just for kids! Those with anxiety and high-stress levels need a way to relax and unwind. Research has shown many benefits to this fun activity.

25. Redecorate a room in your home or office. 

Freshen up a room with new décor, brighter colors, area rugs, throw pillows, paint, etc.

26. Host a sober game night with a group of friends.

Invite your friends over for trivia.

27. Plan an adventure day with a friend and take countless random and fun photos of your day.

Don’t forget to pitch in gas money if you’re not the one wheeling.

28. Host a sober karaoke night with a group of your fun and sober friends. 

Sign along to your favorite songs without alcohol and complete embarrassment. No one’s judging your singing abilities.

29. Organize your life. 

Clean up files on your phone and computer. Wash the inside and outside of your car. Make your bed every morning. Do your laundry when the basket is full. Stay on top of these chores and your life will seem simple, organized, and less chaotic.

30. Have a date night with your love bird.

Read our blog: 5 Great Sober Date Ideas for some wonderful suggestions you and your sweetheart can do together and help keep that romance alive!



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