10 Extraordinary Ways to Unlock Your Full Potential

By Jennifer McDougall

If you’ve struggled in the past to find motivation and continue to run into the same walls, that leave you feeling blocked in terms of being able to be your ultimate self– the greatest version of yourself, then you have come to the right place. This article is going to help you reflect on what needs to change or improve so you can unlock your full potential and be the best person you can be.

You may discover new talents and abilities you didn’t know you had before. We are going to help you train your mind and body to work in accordance with what your true purpose in this life really is. There are going to be many surprises along the way. Are you ready to embark on this exciting new adventure?

1. Prepare for the morning the night before.

Lay out your outfit you plan on wearing the next day. Mentally prepare yourself for the day. Have yourself a cup of non-caffeinated herbal tea as you get ready for bed. Keep your phone out of reach so you are not tempted to stare at it far into the evening where you rob yourself of quality sleep time. Also, avoid drugs, alcohol, and caffeine to stay clear and calm to get the most out of your night sleep.

2. Get out of bed in the morning with a positive attitude and keep your spirits up throughout the day.

It’s easy to wake up moaning and groaning about how you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning and begin dreading the day ahead for numerous reasons, but the one major difference in a bad day and a good day is your attitude in how you approach it. So get up, turn the coffee maker on, turn up the music, jump in the shower, and keep your attitude upbeat no matter the circumstances your day might bring. Even though you might not realize it, your thoughts alone play a big role in how your life unfolds and if you’re mopping around with a negative attitude, you’re more likely to attract negative situations as you are vibrating on a low frequency. To increase your vibrations and attract positive outcomes and more generous blessings in life, read: 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Attract Positive Energy

3. Pay attention to your bad habits and what aspects of your routine are slowing you down or holding you back. LET GO!

Being aware of the things that hold you back, bring you down, or block true authenticity and passion is a great step in moving forward into becoming your ultimate self. Reflect on the previous day, last week, this past year, what could you improve on? Notice the things that made you feel lousy. What could you have done differently? There’s always something we can change or improve on in our lives and on ourselves to become better people and stronger individuals. If you want to find out your superpower and blossom into someone who lets not afraid to become the best version of yourself, its time to let go of everything and anything holding you back. This is going to be different for everyone so apply what it is in your life and begin to work on detaching yourself from all the toxic energy, bad habits, and unfulfilling substances getting in the way of being your ultimate self.

 4. Create a vision board to lay out all of your dreams and aspirations as a visual reminder of what you want to achieve in life.

A vision board is a great way to bring clarity to what you want to achieve in life. You can use an oversized poster board that can be purchased from a local arts and crafts store or your local supermarket. This is a fun exercise to do either alone or with a group of people who you can collaborate in helping one another think of and bring out all of your dreams and hopes for this beautiful life you are living and growing in.

5. Learn new skills to increase your level of knowledge and capabilities.

Maybe there is a language you’ve always wanted to learn or a skill you would like to gain or improve on. Now is your time to sign up for that class, pick up that book, watch the tutorials and how-to videos. This is your chance to get up and start growing on a deeper and more intellectual level so that you can be the best possible version of yourself and live a life that is truly engaging and fulfilling. It’s going to take hard work and practice, but you will get there and when you do, you and everyone around you is going to be so proud of everything you’re doing and becoming.

6. Forgive yourself and events of the past. Let go of resentment.

Are you holding on to some kind of resentment from your past? Did someone do you wrong or hurt you? Have you carried this pain with you most of your life? Is this the very same thing that you bury deep inside telling yourself every day that it doesn’t affect you when really it’s controlled many of your decisions and ignited unwanted fear? This is your moment to let go of that pain. Let go of the resentment you have for other people and your past. Forgive them and forgive yourself. The past cannot be undone, but how we allow it to affect our lives can change. That resentment is likely to cause you anger and a long list of behavioral patterns that may go unrecognized until you are ready to face them and do something truly remarkable about it. Simply let go and forgive. Only then can you move forward.

7. Meditate, every day.

Meditation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself to ease anxiety, relax, and gain clarity. Empty your mind and redirect your destiny with this incredible exercise. Chris Prentiss, Co-Founder of Passages Addiction Treatment Centers created a wonderful meditation called Meditation on the Perfect You and it is a very helpful guided meditation lead by Chris Prentiss himself. I think you’d really enjoy it. Click the link over the title to purchase your very one copy.

8. Change your beliefs. Have an optimistic outlook.

If you believe you cannot do something you will continue to find every reason not to go after what it is you actually really want to have or achieve. If you have a negative or toxic outlook on life or yourself, you are blocking your true potential. Try changing the way you think, how you look at things, and how you react when challenges present themselves. If you truly want to achieve anything, you will do anything it takes to bring that vision to life. Quit holding yourself back from having everything you want by believing you aren’t good enough, strong enough, smart enough, or rich enough. You are capable of incredible things, you just need to stay focused and believe in yourself.

9. Incorporate a healthy workout routine into your lifestyle.

Get your blood flowing and increase your levels of confidence with a solid workout routine. Choose an exercise that you enjoy most, whether it be boxing, swimming, basketball, CrossFit, running, dancing, weightlifting, or yoga, get moving! Working out is a great way to not only get healthy and in shape, it helps improve your quality of sleep, strength, mental clarity, and sticking to specific goals (self-discipline). A 30-45 workout is ideal for getting the best results. Create an uplifting playlist to help keep you motivated.

10. Breathe. Give yourself a break.

Stop stressing yourself over the day-to-day expectations. Stop overwhelming yourself with fear of the future. Everything is going to work out perfectly as it should be, but you are in control of how this all unravels. You can put in a little or as much work as you choose to do. The outcome with speak volumes and no matter what happens, remember that this is all for your benefit. What is meant to be will always be. You owe it to yourself to relax, breathe, and not be so hard on yourself. You have to rest from time to time and not feel bad for it.

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