Stress Reducing Techniques in Holistic Inpatient Drug Rehab

Long-term stress is detrimental to your body, mental health, and sobriety. Achieving balance in life is an important aspect of recovering from drug abuse, as well. Fortunately, you can achieve sobriety and simultaneously lowering techniques for stress reduction while in holistic inpatient drug rehab.

Stress Reducing Techniques Taught in Holistic Inpatient Drug Recovery

The pressure of life can be managed by learning and practicing stress reduction techniques, to help ensure lasting recovery from drug abuse and an overall improvement in quality of life.

  • Breathing
    Breathing exercises are one of the easiest stress reduction techniques to learn in holistic inpatient drug rehab. By mindfully breathing in and exhaling, you can help improve the oxygen levels in your blood stream for a relaxing effect. In moments of stress, focusing on your breathing can provide focus like the kind achieved in meditation.
  • Exercise
    Any physical exercise helps increase circulation. As you begin to increase the intensity of your activity, you will experience greater release of endorphins and other naturally occurring calming hormones in your body.
  • Positive Thinking
    Believe it or not, positive thinking is a natural, stress reducing technique embraced in holistic inpatient drug rehab. Positive thinking helps free us from being bogged down and distracted by anxiety, anger and self-defeating behaviors that reinforce stress.
  • Scheduling
    Often, we see life a as series of events and tasks that must be crammed into timeslots and checked off “To Do” lists. Taking a more holistic mindset allows you to prioritize those things that are truly important to you. In holistic inpatient drug rehab, you can learn how to manage your time, maintaining sobriety, relationships, achievements and maximum mental and physical health by being in touch with your body, mind, and needs.
  • Create Self-Focused Breaks
    Create times to focus on yourself fully and limit outside communication—by as turning off your phones, staying off the computer for a few hours, and instead reading a book, cooking or enjoying any one of your favorite activities. By practicing enjoyment, you can find your inner voice, reduce stress and make mindful decisions—both in holistic inpatient drug rehab and beyond

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