Natural Therapy Methods in Holistic Alcohol Rehab Centers

Natural Therapy Methods in Holistic Alcohol Rehab Centers

Natural treatments used in inpatient holistic alcohol rehab can help ease withdrawal and promote the body’s natural healing abilities. Alcoholism taxes the body’s systems, and initiates chemical changes in the brain that can lead to decreased energy, depression, and anxiety. Thankfully, these symptoms can be alleviated without medication, through all-natural treatments offered by inpatient holistic alcohol rehab programs.

Natural Treatments Used in Inpatient Holistic Alcohol Rehab

Holistic alcohol rehab enjoys a high success rate because it takes a comprehensive approach to healing without endangering your recovery with, unnecessary medications. Here are just a few of the natural treatments that inpatient holistic alcohol rehab programs can provide for you, to alleviate withdrawal and help bring your body back to a state of harmony and balance.

  • Nutritional Services
    During alcohol addiction, many dependent individuals become deficient in a host of vital nutrients the body needs in order to function optimally. Inpatient holistic alcohol rehab programs will offer the services of a nutritionist, to help guide your diet and ensure your body’s healing.
  • Herbal Supplements
    Natural herbs can aid the inpatient holistic alcohol recovery experience, by replenishing vital vitamins and minerals that have become deficient throughout years of alcohol addiction. Many alcohol dependent individuals, for instance, have extremely low levels of folic acid and thiamine, which can lead to brain damage when levels of these specific B vitamins dip too low. Holistic inpatient alcohol rehab programs can also offer natural remedies to promote alertness, calm, circulation, and detoxification, without harmful side effects or addiction potential.
  • Acupuncture and Acupressure
    Traditional Chinese Medicine can offer stress relief, promote energy flow, and encourage healing within the body through acupuncture and acupressure. Inpatient holistic alcohol rehab centers will often offer a combination of Western and Eastern medicine, to help reestablish homeostasis (balance) within the body.
  • Fitness Programs
    Many inpatient holistic alcohol rehab centers will offer fitness programs to gather strength, build endurance and alleviate stress. Additionally, exercise plays an important part in alcohol recovery, as it releases endorphins—the body’s natural sources of happiness and energy.
  • Hypnotherapy
    Sometimes, the symptoms we experience in our bodies have psychological root causes, as the body responds to stress, anxiety, and trauma. Hypnotherapy can be helpful for those who have trouble verbalizing their emotions—or for those who have repressed trauma. Hypnotherapy can also be useful in removing negative self beliefs, promoting self confidence, and uncovering underlying causes for alcohol addiction.

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