End Your Addiction to Gambling

How to Overcome an Addiction to Gambling

By Jennifer McDougall

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that affects nearly 15 million American, 3 million of those people are considered to be compulsive gamblers. It is a major problem in many households that disrupts marriage and family relationships as well as the increasingly problematic financial burden gambling creates. If you suspect that either you or someone you know is addicted to gambling, there are several signs it could be time to get help.

Signs of a Gambling Addiction

  1. You can’t stop or walk away from the table no matter how much you’re winning or losing
  2. You gamble with funds you can’t afford to lose
  3. You find yourself lying about your gambling habits
  4. You go to extremes to get money to gamble with such as fraud or theft
  5. Gambling is your main priority above all else
  6. Jeopardizing or ruining relationships, jobs, or opportunities because of your dependency on your compulsive behavior
  7. Increase in stress due to fear of anyone finding out about your habits
  8. You make excuses for your behavior when you know deep down there is a problem
  9. You gamble more to make up for your losses
  10. Asking for help from others to bail you out of financial trouble

Gambling addiction can lead to severe financial crisis, but it also has a strain on relationships and careers as well.  Individuals with gambling addictions are much more likely to suffer from substance abuse disorders and other behavioral addictions.  Luckily, problem gambling and gambling addiction are treatable by using the methods used at Passages Addiction Treatment Centers. For information on our treatment methods, please visit www.PassagesMalibu.com.

Problematic or excessive gambling becomes a full-blown addiction when the gambler can’t control their impulse to gamble, and they keep repeating their actions even when they know their gambling is hurting themselves or their loved ones.  They keep repeating various gambling-related negative and damaging behaviors, no matter the consequences.

Compulsive gamblers keep gambling regardless of whether they’re up or down, whether they have lost all their money, or even if they are feeling depressed about their actions.

How to Treat a Gambling Addiction

Now is the time to get help for your gambling addiction and we ensure you that there is hope for overcoming this difficult issue in your life. At Passages Addiction Treatment Centers, we know first hand what it takes to successfully overcome dependency related issues. Here are 5 helpful tips for you to practice as you break free and begin living a life free from gambling addiction.

  1. Plan your days and nights ahead of time so you can have a clear agenda on what exactly you will be doing before after and during work or school hours. Make your days as productive as possible and remain focused on your newfound freedom.
  2. Address the issues head-on without hesitation and be honest with those closest to you regarding the troubles your facing. Leave no room for guilt when you confront the situation with authenticity and be true to yourself and others as you finally admit there is a major problem that you’re ready to heal from. Identify what triggers you and find stress relieving techniques that help prevent self-sabotaging behaviors.
  3. Ask yourself what it is about gambling that keeps you from what you’re trying to avoid. Writing in a journal can be very helpful for getting your thoughts and ideas down. It can be a way to express your feelings and document your experiences. Journaling is also a record keepsake tool that can help you reflect on many things in your life that can help you learn more about yourself and grow in your personal and professional life.
  4. Pick up an old or new hobby. Choose something that adds value to your life rather than discredits or takes away from it.
  5. Revamp your circle of friends and remove anyone that is toxic or a bad influence. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from people who drag you down or put you in situations that bring you trouble. Increase your awareness of who is a good influence and who is not. Who you choose to surround yourself can determine the overall quality of your life and you will begin you feel an energy shift as soon as you start to make positive changes in this area of your well-being.

How to Contact Passages Addiction Treatment Centers:

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