5 Spiritual Tools in Addiction Recovery

5 Spiritual Tools in Addiction Recovery

By Jennifer McDougall

“It takes practice, feeling happy about the ever-unfolding events of life, and, because of all the conditioning we have undergone before this, it may be very difficult to make the change, but if we take the saying to heart and practice it, as the days unfold we will find ourselves living ever happier lives, smiling more, and finally, laughing more.”
― Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom: More Guidance from the Book of Answers

Having a spiritual tool kit in addiction recovery can help you stay on track in a thriving journey of sobriety. We all have triggers and temptations that try to lead us astray and knock us off course, but with these 5 helpful tools, you can stay focused on being the best version of yourself, the one who is free from substance abuse and addiction-related issues.

  1. Daily meditation. One of my favorite times of the day to meditate is the morning. It allows me to clear my mind, start my day with clear intentions and set a balanced tone so that I can be productive and feel my best.
  2. Understanding your triggers and having a plan for when they arise. Leave an event if you have to. Call a friend when you’re feeling a craving. Go for a run to break a sweat and release any stress or tension. Take a warm bath and leave your phone in the other room to allow yourself some peace and quiet. There are many things to do to help ease the effects brought on by our triggers so find what works for you and stick to that.
  3. Yoga and Tai Chi. These exercises have been shown to help increase flexibility, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve quality of sleep, increase strength and muscle tone, improve cardiovascular health, and improve and balance energy levels.
  4. Morning affirmations. Start with some of these: “I am grateful to be alive!” ” Today will be a great and productive day.” I will finish my tasks with joy today.” “I Choose to focus on the positive.” ” I am surrounded by positive and loving people.” “I make great decisions.” “Each day is filled with joy & abundance.” “Life is a beautiful gift.” “I am a happiness magnet.” “Good energy is flowing through me.”
  5. Connect through prayer and spiritual readings. Take a look at our Wellness Store for some wonderful books to read and help you feel empowered. Shop today at www.PassagesWellnessStore.com

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