Leaving Addiction and Dismantling Fear: Consciousness Drained of All Doubts

Leaving Addiction and Dismantling Fear: Consciousness Drained of All Doubts

By Dr. Kerri Heath

I look forward to meeting with the owner of Passages Malibu, Chris Prentiss, who has dedicated his entire life to helping others reach their highest potential.  Being in the same room with someone who is committed to helping you expand and grow is not an opportunity to take for granted.  I always listen closely to his every word and carefully ask questions that will take me to a higher level of awareness.  He is a wise sage who appears to have found the fountain of youth and the wisdom of the ages.

In one of my afternoons with Chris Prentiss, he shared that the goal in life should be “consciousness drained of all doubt(s),” which in layman’s terms means we should try to live without fear.  I had to write this down and think about it for a while before I fully grasped its meaning.  Truly, fear is the lowest energy there is.  We collect so much fear in our lives that drive us to do things based on the negative messages we tell ourselves.  And ultimately these fears and doubts can lead to addictions and other negative consequences.  If we can live a life beyond fears, we can create a world that is full of freedom and light.  Chris shared a story about being hit in the head by a rock when he was walking along a riverbed one day.  He says the rock fell from 35 feet and crushed his skull, but as he lay on the ground bleeding he was not afraid.  Instead, he thought to himself, “I can’t wait to see what amazing thing will come as a result of this suffering.” He shared that as a result of the blow, he would later find out that he could fully understand spiritual texts that he was unable to interpret prior to his accident.  He stated, “I would get hit in the head by a rock any day to have that ability.” The expectation that great things happen on the other side of suffering is only one example of what can happen when we don’t allow fear to grasp our minds and steal our joy.  I have been testing this theory out in my everyday life and have not been disappointed to find a blessing on the other side of every negative circumstance.  I am so grateful for this lesson that Chris taught me that afternoon.

Chris has an unbridled joy and the clients at Passages have access to him on a regular basis throughout their journey towards healing.  His happiness is contagious.  As he tells funny stories the tears from laughter stream down his face.  This type of energy can only come from a man that has truly found the happiness in life and he is willing to offer the secrets to that kingdom over to anyone who will listen.

I am a spiritual seeker.  I have read countless books and spent thousands of hours trying to understand the meaning of life and discover my true calling.  After only three meetings with Chris, and reading several of his books on metaphysics and spiritual principles for living, I am convinced that he is a true source of inspiration.  He may be the most underrated thing about Passages.  If you are also searching for answers and want to know why you are here on this planet and what you are supposed to do with your remaining days on earth, Chris will be there to guide you along your journey.  He found a way to create a safe passage for his beloved son to move from a life enslaved to substance abuse into a life of meaning and purpose, and now he wants to offer you the same passage.

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