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  • How to Cope With Unexpected Events

    How to Cope With Unexpected Events

    By Jennifer McDougall Coping with events that disrupt our inner peace and shake us to the core can be upsetting. Knowing how to navigate through challenging emotions with a healthy approach is…

  • What are the Underlying Causes of Addiction?

    By Jennifer McDougall Addiction (defined as a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences) generally begins with the desire to escape—pain, loss, heartache, rejection, discomfort, anxiety, chemical imbalances…

  • A Major Underlying Cause of Addiction

    The Link Between Abandonment and Addiction

    Abandonment and substance abuse are extremely complicated issues when considered separately, but most people don’t realize that abandonment is one of the key underlying causes of addiction. Depending on the age, gender,…