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How to Repair the Damage of Alcohol Abuse

How to Repair the Damage of Alcohol Abuse

By Jennifer McDougall

Are you ready to make changes in your life to get on the right path to health and happiness? If so, you have come to the right place. Many people who have used and abused alcohol or other addictive drugs in the past know how damaging the effects can be on the body, mind, and spirit. At Passages, we take a holistic approach to treating and healing the underlying conditions causing a person to use and abuse drugs and alcohol.

Organs such as the brain, which contain a lot of water and need a lot of blood to function, are particularly vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. Alcohol makes the liver, which is the major organ that processes alcohol, work very hard. Delaying treatment for alcohol abuse can be life-threatening. It is very important that someone who is struggling with addiction to get help as soon as possible.

Since there is a wide range of problems that come with years of substance abuse related issues, including damage to vital organs, interpersonal relationships, and the inability to live a happy and stable life, waiting to get help can and oftentimes only makes matters much worse.

At Passages, we understand what it takes to repair and move on; to live a life free from addiction.

Upon your arrival at Passages Malibu, our nurses will help you get checked in and assess your detox needs. Your medical doctor will then design a customized detox program made specifically for you. During your detox, you will be personally attended to by a team of nurses as your body rids itself of toxic, addictive substances.

We use only the most effective methods and medications to safely bring you off the addictive drugs that your body has formed a dependency on. Our doctor is board certified in addiction medicine, meaning you will receive the most cutting-edge approach to detox. Throughout your detox, our nurses will regularly evaluate your progress and work closely with your medical doctor to coordinate your care.

Alcohol abuse is associated with numerous health issues, emotional problems, social problems, and psychological issues. While it may be difficult to undo all the damage brought on by alcohol abuse, it is possible to heal the body, mind, and spirit through a variety of holistic therapy options such as those available at Passages Addiction Treatment Centers. One of the most important aspects of reversing the damage of alcohol abuse is to address the cause, first and foremost so that moving forward we can help prevent future substance abuse related issues. The other thing we need to do is take a health and fitness evaluation to test your body for any liver and cardiovascular issues that need to be addressed.

For many people, they want to make up for the time the lost living a life that didn’t fulfill their needs and wreaked havoc on their social, physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. They want to improve the quality of their relationships, feel healthy, happy, and repair their careers and overall quality of life.

At Passages, we offer a complete 360-degree approach to healing so that every aspect of your life is given the opportunity to improve. The tools we teach and provide you with at Passages are based upon a unique and empowering non-12 Step philosophy that has helped change and save the lives of over twenty thousand people who have gone through our innovative treatment program. Here is a look at our variety of therapy methods.

Addiction Therapy at Passages Malibu
Addiction Therapy at Passages Malibu | Luxury Rehab

“How do you change what you believe when your experience has convinced you otherwise? By creating a new experience. The best way for you to get that new experience is to change your response to what happens. By the natural law of cause and effect, that new response will create new results, which you will then experience as a new reality. To reach the goal of happiness, act as though the following statement is already true: Everything that happens to me is the best thing that can happen to me.”
― Chris Prentiss

For nearly twenty years, Passages has been setting the standard with our revolutionary one-on-one holistic treatment programs. From the moment you check in to the moment you graduate you will experience the highest level of treatment innovations and healing techniques to eradicate addiction for good. Other treatment centers cannot match the level of service and expertise that Passages Malibu offers.

Passages Addiction Treatment Centers | Most Insurance is Accepted

How to Contact Passages Addiction Treatment Centers:

Call Passages Addiction Treatment Centers today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Passages, Where Addiction Ends and Life Begins™

Passages Ventura Celebrates 6 Years of Holistic Healing

By Jennifer McDougall

On May 17, 2009, Co- Founders, Chris and Pax Prentiss opened a second holistic healing center in Ventura, California. This non-12 step treatment center has been the home to thousands of those seeking to heal the underlying conditions causing them to use and abuse drugs and alcohol.

Passages Ventura is the sister facility to the world renowned non-12 step treatment center, Passages Malibu located exclusively in beautiful Malibu, California. After experiencing unparalleled success with the program and innovated treatment methods at Passages Malibu, father and son team Chris and Pax decided to expand by opening the doors to a new and more affordable treatment center focused on the same treatment methods used at Passages Malibu.

The program model was initially created after many failed attempts for Pax himself to get clean and sober. Pax struggled with addition for 10 years, but thanks to the program designed at Passages, Pax has now been sober for over 15 years and is the CEO of Passages Addiction Treatment Centers. He remains involved in the day- to- day functions at both facilities and works with many of our clients one-on-one to help mentor and guide them into the direction of ultimate sobriety and healthy life choices.

Not long after opening, Passages Ventura earned the coveted JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) accreditation, which has only been given to 6% of the nation’s behavioral treatment programs. Passages Malibu is accredited by JCAHO as well, and both facilities continue to ensure the highest quality of treatment for each and every client that walks through the door.

There are currently 11 holistic treatment methods being utilized at Passages Ventura, all of which are provided regularly during a 30 or 90 day stay. A few of the treatment methods offered at Passages Ventura are: Acupuncture, Chemical Dependency Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Life Purpose Counseling, and Yoga Therapy. Passages also offers Continuing Care at both facilities, which a coordinator will recommend you to trustworthy therapists, enroll you in a local gym, help you find a sober coach, and whatever else you may need in order to be sure your sobriety is on track and successful.

Passages Ventura has seen an extraordinary amount of growth over the last 6 years. There is an immense amount of passion and care that goes into treating individuals at Passages Addiction Treatment Centers. The staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s safe to say that the success currently taking place at Passages is only the start to what’s to come. There is no limit to the growth at Passages Ventura. Chris and Pax are excited to continue to help thousands more who want to permanently overcome their addictions and live a life free from the intoxicating discomfort and pain caused by the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Passages, Where Addiction Ends and Life Begins

About Passages Malibu & Passages Ventura:

Father and son team Chris and Pax Prentiss founded Passages Malibu in 2001. Its second location, Passages Ventura, first opened its doors in 2009. The two drug & alcohol abuse treatment centers offer an alternative to the 12 step AA model of addiction treatment by utilizing an innovated and holistic program that focuses on healing the underlying issues of substance dependency, rather than attributing addiction to an incurable disease.  Both Passages Malibu and Passages Ventura accept insurance.

Passages Malibu was named the #1 treatment center in the world by Healthcare Global, one of the “Most Luxurious Places to Dry Out” by Forbes magazine, and the Huffington Post recently acknowledged Passages as a center that “caters to a high-end crowd, with many CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high-powered professionals among its clients.”

The co-founders are also authors of an acclaimed series of addiction treatment books, including their groundbreaking, flagship title, The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure.

For general inquiries about treatment, contact: (888) 397-0112.

For media inquiries, contact


Call Passages Addiction Treatment Centers today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Passages, Where Addiction Ends and Life Begins™

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How to Prevent Relapse

By Jennifer McDougall

Have you ever wondered how Passages Addiction Treatment Center has such a high success rate and such a low relapse rate for clients who graduate from the program? The most commonly asked question we receive here at Passages is, “How can you confidently say that when I leave Passages Addiction Treatment Center that I will be addiction free and never want to use drugs again?”

Here is a list of ways our fully trained, friendly, and experienced staff can help prevent you from experiencing unwanted relapse from happening after you graduate from our rehab center.

Getting to the root cause of dependency 

Many people who have gone through other rehab programs or did step work may have never discovered the root cause of their own dependency issue. In many cases a person is put into a group setting to discuss personal struggles and share stories full of regret and troubled times. At Passages Addiction Treatment Center, we believe that the best and only way to truly treat and heal any person’s addiction is to peel back every layer, every fear; every reason an individual has been using drugs and alcohol to suppress feelings and emotions due to a situation or trauma in their life. We believe getting to the root cause of addiction is the only way one can truly become free from addiction.

Our research shows that people become dependent on drugs and alcohol because of one of these four causes:

  1. A chemical imbalance
  2. Events of the past you have not reconciled
  3. Current conditions you can’t cope with
  4. Things you believe that aren’t true

“One of the first actions we take at Passages is to ruthlessly scrutinize, always under a doctor’s supervision and care, the specific necessity of any mind-altering or mood-altering medications that our clients are taking. As soon as any non-essential drugs are out of their systems, the feelings they were trying to suppress usually emerge. When that happens, we can see what symptoms the client was masking with drugs or alcohol.” ― Chris Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

“I began asking myself just what my high was about. What did I do when I was high that I didn’t do when I was sober? What was wrong that heroin fixed?” ― Pax Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

“Heroin was a coping mechanism that I had used to deal with my underlying fears. They were the real problems; heroin wasn’t the culprit, my fears were.” ― Pax Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

“If those underlying conditions aren’t treated, the return of those symptoms may cause us so much discomfort that we’ll go back to using addictive drugs or alcohol to obtain relief. That’s the primary reason there is such a high rate of relapse among people who have become dependent on alcohol and addictive drugs. It has little to do with alcohol and addiction themselves and almost everything to do with the original causes that created the dependency.” ― Chris Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

Around the clock professional care

It starts by providing around the clock care while you are in rehab. We have a fully trained medical team and an expert client service staff that are here to assist and provide each client with exceptional 24/7 care.  No matter if it is the weekend or a holiday, we provide around the clock care, to ensure comfort, security, and professional medical assistance for each and every individual.

19 Holistic Treatment Methods 

The treatment that is offered exclusively at Passages Addiction Treatment Centers is customized to each and every individual- making your stay with us effective in healing and overcoming your dependency to drugs and alcohol.

Continuing Care at Passages 

Although we provide you with the tools you will need to face the future head-on, we do not throw you out into the world without any support. When you leave Passages Addiction Treatment Center you are not alone. Our aftercare team will address social, career, environmental, and financial concerns that you will face after rehab. They will also provide you with recommendations for local therapists in your area and contact information so that if you ever have a question or concern you can contact your specific after-care giver to assist you.

Call Passages Addiction Treatment Centers today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Therapeutic Benefits of Luxury Rehab Centers

Although it may seem like just an added perk and not necessary for complete healing, attending a luxury rehab center does have numerous therapeutic advantages.  Although there are thousands of drug rehab centers throughout the country, not many of them place much of an emphasis on the treatment center atmosphere. Commonly, especially in 12-step rehab programs, the centers are set up with more of an institutionalized atmosphere in mind-facilities designed to treat a large number of people in a small space.

Why Choose Passages Malibu

Luxury rehab centers,  such as Passages Malibu, provide clients not only with top-notch treatment but also with beautiful, peaceful, tranquil surroundings. Passages spans across 10 gorgeous acres with easy access to the beach, 5 large luxurious estates for treatment and client residences, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, top of the line amenities, pools, a tennis court, gym, large living quarters, and a full time housekeeping staff.

When individuals enter a rehab facility that is small, cramped, and have the feel of a hospital, that environment can be very stressful and traumatic.  At luxurious treatment centers, clients are able to relax and heal in the comfort and beauty of their surroundings. Treatment centers that are focused on top-notch luxurious settings also tend to have top-notch treatment programs with more staff members, therapists, doctors and nurses per client.


Call Passages Addiction Treatment Centers today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Passages, Where Addiction Ends and Life Begins™

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Photo Credit: Jennifer McDougall

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab Centers

There are numerous benefits of attending an inpatient drug rehab program.  Alcohol and drug addiction wreaks havoc on the body, causing  vitamin deficiency, extreme fatigue and an inability to focus or remember little things, stomach problems, kidney and liver failure, yellowing of the skin, eyes, and nails, heart disease, and numerous other serious and life threatening problems.

Although inpatient drug rehab cannot completely reverse all of these ailments, getting treatment for drug and alcohol dependency can stabilize and stop the progression of these diseases.  Most treatment centers, including Passages Malibu, provide a diet plan prepared daily by an in-house chef, featuring organic foods that promote detox and replenish the vitamins and nutrients lost during the malnourishment that usually accompanies drug and alcohol abuse.

In addition to the physical benefits attained by attending an inpatient drug rehab program, there are numerous emotional benefits as well.  Just as the body is devastated physically by drug and alcohol abuse, the condition also wreaks havoc on your mental, emotional and psychological state. Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers like Passages Malibu provide you with one-on-one therapy sessions, as well as peer support groups and unconventional therapeutic treatments that unveil your underlying issues and address why you turned to drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Call Passages Addiction Treatment Center today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by dialing our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Physical Effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms Abuse

What Does a Psychedelic Mushrooms High Feel Like?

A psychedelic mushroom high is a hallucination-fraught, highly emotional experience that distorts perception and reality. Psychedelic mushrooms’ effects tend to last four to six hours and are collectively referred to as a “mushroom trip” or “shrooming.” Depending on the variety of psychedelic mushrooms, hallucinations, laughing fits or strange, abstracted thoughts may also occur. Many users continue to hallucinate even with their eyes closed. Mood swings tend to occur, encompassing a range of feelings from happiness to sadness or hope to pessimism and nihilism.

What Are the Physical Effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms?

At the onset of a psychedelic mushroom trip, the first noticeable physical effects will hit roughly 20 minutes after first ingesting psilocybin mushrooms. Psychedelic mushroom users often experience cold sensation and feelings of nausea at this point. Next, colors begin to deepen or distort, and movements in the corners of the eyes (peripheral vision) may be detected.

Psychedelic mushrooms also sometimes create emotional sensitivity or anxiety. Nausea often lasts through the first hour of the psychedelic mushroom trip. For the next two to three hours, psychedelic mushroom users find themselves immersed in the drug’s peak effects. Physical signs of reaching the apex of a mushroom trip include dilated pupils, auras around objects, layered vision, changing shapes, and highly detectable patterns in stationary objects. As psychedelic mushroom users “come down,” hallucinations tend to wane and severe stomach cramps tend to set in.

Can You Overdose From Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Overdosing on psychedelic mushrooms is almost impossible—largely because a psychedelic mushroom overdose would require eating over twenty five pounds of psilocybin mushrooms to experience toxic effects. Large doses of psychedelic mushrooms, however, can produce traumatic experiences that can last even beyond the time period that the mushrooms are active in an addicted individual’s system. Certain drugs can also amplify the effects of mushrooms, such as MAOIs—monoamine oxidase inhibitors commonly used medically as anti-depressants or smoking cessation drugs—because they reduce the body’s ability to process psilocybin and psilocin. These effects will not cause an overdose, but can increase the risk of “bad trips” since the psychedelic experience from mushrooms will have longer duration and greater intensity.

The Importance of Counseling at Private Drug Rehab Facilities

One of the backbones of successful recovery is the therapeutic counseling that takes place in private drug rehab facilities. While drug addiction certainly has a strong physical component, many drug dependent individuals successfully detox, only to relapse later when emotional or psychological issues resurface. The importance of counseling at private drug rehab facilities lies in its ability to address the root causes of addiction that led dependent individuals to use drugs in the first place.

The Importance of Counseling at Private Drug Rehab Facilities

Drug addiction is a complex issue—and like most complex problems, its solution depends on comprehensive treatment. Throughout the course of counseling at private drug rehab facilities, drug addicted individuals can delve into the psychological component of their dependency. With the assistance of a qualified therapist, drug dependency counseling cuts to the core reasons for addiction—often with roots in negative self beliefs, heartache, or emotional, physical or sexual abuse that has gone unresolved for years.

Benefits of Personalized Counseling at Private Drug Rehab Facilities

Here are just a few of the benefits that personalized counseling at private drug rehab facilities can provide.

  • Emotional Healing
    Individualized counseling at private drug rehab facilities affords a safe atmosphere where counseling can be tailored to an individual’s past, relationships, personality and life experience, engendering recovery that is lasting and personal.
  • Accountability
    Personalized counseling at private drug rehab facilities offers a source of accountability for patients. Therapists can evaluate and guide patients’ progress during the drug recovery process, offering positive reinforcement, providing encouragement and gauging recovery progress.
  • Awareness and Perspective
    At private drug rehab facilities, customized counseling programs provide greater awareness of our thoughts, self beliefs, and history. This allows patients to develop higher levels of self-awareness and perspective, giving them the tools they need to recover from drug abuse without relapse.
  • Solutions
    While qualified therapists can provide coping mechanisms that can aid recovery from drug addiction, they will also partner with the patient to create self-driven solutions. As patients heal, they can learn to forge their own solutions, which enables them to cope not only with addiction, but with any life challenges they may face in the future.

Call Passages Addiction Treatment Center today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Photo by: Jennifer McDougall