Rewriting the Story of Addiction

Rewriting the Story of Addiction

By Dr. Kerri Heath

It’s always much easier to believe negative messages we receive about ourselves than the positive ones.  When given a choice between positive and negative solutions, we tend to be more skeptical about the positive and lean into the negative aspects of life. It is much easier to believe the story that “you’re an addict” or “you’re a loser” or “you’ve thrown your life away” because the positive alternatives just seem too hard to conceive. It does not seem possible to change or transform… to become what you’ve always imagined was possible.

There is a powerful dialogue between Richard Gere (Edward) and Julia Roberts (Vivian) in the movie Pretty Woman that depicts this same type of thinking.  As Edwards inquires about how a bright, intelligent, resourceful woman could end up in prostitution and Vivian shares the power of messaging from others:

Edward:  You could be so much more.

Vivian:  People put you down enough, you start to believe it.

Edward: I think you are a very bright, very special woman.

Vivian:  The bad stuff is easier to believe.  You ever notice that?

If you find yourself powerless over drugs, alcohol, technology, sex or other addictions, you have two choices.  You can believe that you are powerless as an addict, or you can see that your addictive behaviors are only part of your story.  At Passages in Malibu, you will find a philosophy that addictions are just a small part of your hero’s journey and you will begin to re-write your story based on the positive. Every hero faces a point in life where the pressures build to a point that force a transformation.  Let your addiction be a starting point for you in your journey towards making a difference.  And if you’re ready for the passage, make a call today!

Dr. Kerri Heath is the former Assistant Vice Chancellor at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology.  She is a lecturer, researcher, and published author.  Dr. Heath is a Life Coach at Inspired Life Consulting and a Producer at Inspired Life Films.  She is certified in Mastering Emotional Connection by Level Five Executive and an editor for the Journal of Leadership Education.


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